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This is a video of me sparring with Jeremy Takody. It was taken around 1995 I guess. When I was thinner and fitter. I'm the guy on the left. I made an avi file of this a while ago and I used Premiere to speed it up 30%. It looks better when it's running at Jackie Chan speed. Anyway, this is the real time version.

Brazilian JiuJitsu

This is a video of me fighting in the final of a Brazilan JiuJitsu competition held in Harbord. It was the novice under 88kg division. I guess this was around 2001. The guy refereeing is Anthony Perosh (he's a well known fighter) and the guy judging is Elvis Sinosic (another well known fighter).

At the start of the fight, the guy I was fighting threw me but I managed to get my guard. That's where the video starts. I went for sweep and I was going for arm-bar for a while but I screwed it up and he stacked me and I couldn't get it. When I went for triangle he rolled me over and took side back control. I eventually managed to get his leg and spin to face him so I could get a take-down. Then I passed his guard and took a side control with an overhook of the arm so that he couldn't turn towards me. I was applying a choke when the time ran out. He got points for the throw at the start and I got points for the take down and guard pass. So, a win on points.